Level 1 and level 2 costs

The costs presented throughout the ECC website and publications are shown as level 1 and level 2 for each model, the results are the same but in level 2 the detailed schedule supporting those figures are given in greater detail. The basis of these costs is the methodology set out in the BCIS (British Cost Information Service (part of the RICS) Elemental Standard Form of Cost Analysis (Principles, Instructions, Elements and Definitions) 4th Edition. The level 1 is a headline figure based on a statistical average of such constructions. This figure appears on the ECC home page of the site as basic, low and high is intended as a guide, a comparator of an average construction cost. Level 2 presents a breakdown of those figures into a detailed schedule. The database used by ECC has been complied by recording many similar constructions in each category over several years and as an element of revaluation and indexing has been applied the overall effect is a statistically significant record. However the method of obtaining the construction cost per square metre varies between the European countries and it is important to know what is included and excluded from the presented figures. For the UK figures the below items are excluded from the presented costs. Land acquisition or purchase costs ▪ Site investigation costs and fees ▪ Section 38, 104, 106 and 278 agreements or Community Infrastructure Levy charges ▪ Building control fees ▪ Overtime due to an accelerated programme ▪ 24 hour working due to an accelerated programme ▪ Fit-out beyond that described (furniture etc.) ▪ Equipment ▪ Artwork, litter bins, soap dispenser ‘Black goods’ ▪ Central file servers, processors and switches or other IT equipment ▪ Catering equipment and restaurant fit out to any building type ▪ Audio / Visual ▪ Asbestos Removal / Contamination ▪ Delay or work due to archaeological finds ▪ Abnormal foundations ▪ Legal fees ▪ Finance costs ▪ VAT ▪ Removal of contaminated material from site unless stated ▪ Planning and Building Regulation fees ▪ Services diversions, statutory supplies and connections ▪ Any uplift for boundary conditions ▪ Works outside the building footprint (unless stated) ▪ Any allowance for legal, statutory, site surveys, contractor’s designing and marketing fees ▪ No allowance has been included for any renewable technologies i.e. rainwater harvesting, unless stated. ▪ No phasing allowance has been included. No allowance for inflation has been included. A major difference between countries methodology is the presentation of other costs. In the case of the UK in ECC we show over and above the ‘straight construction’ cost, external works, main contractor’s preliminaries, project/design team fees. These additional costs represent around 25% of the UK presented price so great care must be taken in ensuring you are familiar with the national differences for an accurate comparison. The final costs of course are the same it is just the proportioning of the other costs in the format presented. .

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