Housing constitutes a significant share of the total European construction market. As such, the ability to estimate residential construction costs accurately is of great importance to the industry. To facilitate this, ECC has compiled detailed information regarding construction costs for residential buildings.

The cost data in this category covers all residential living units across a wide and diverse range of constructions. All information is presented in a logical sequence, running from single detached properties all the way to high-rise apartment buildings. The huge differences between national traditions and local quality expectations reduce the chance of commonality, but each country’s models are reflected in the detailed cost schedules presented in this category.

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Residential construction projects come in all shapes and sizes. As a direct result, residential construction costs are extremely varied. ECC provides in-depth insight into these costs across a wide range of models, unit sizes and other categories. National differences are clearly indicated and the building sizes progress logically for each country included in the calculator.

The cost schedule shown is typical of the cost information we provide on the members site. Members benefit from regular cost updates, regular exchange rates updates and of course enables similar buildings in other European countries to be compared with your selected example. Using the basic costs provided it is possible to create an estimate for your project using our easy 4 step online calculation tool.

When it comes to residential projects, each country in Europe has its own standards. Scandinavian countries favor the use of timber and insulating materials, while Mediterranean countries must take earthquake requirements into account. These ‘standard’ residential construction costs are included in our localized cost information, allowing for greater cost specificity.

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