About European Construction Costs

European Construction Costs, or ECC, is an online platform dedicated to making construction cost data in Europe more accessible to project developers, investors, quantity surveyors, architects and other important stakeholders in the construction industry.

Our database provides uniquely detailed insights into a wide range of European construction costs. This wealth of information forms the foundation for our online cost calculator , which were developed to help improve the quality, reliability and effectiveness of construction cost management.

Our mission

ECC strives to provide a comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date overview of European construction costs. Our aim is to create a unique online environment where European construction costs can be referenced, compared and calculated quickly, easily and transparently.

The future of European Construction Costs

In the coming years, ECC will continue to increase the depth and scope of its database, adding more and more European construction costs to our online knowledge base. Ultimately, our construction cost database will grow to include 50 countries, 43 languages and 34 currencies. At the same time, ECC will be flexible enough to support a wide range of construction methodologies and information types.

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