A sector where national traditions and requirements are the most diverse. The basic categories are storage, animal husbandry, animal production, food growing units to an increasing leisure sector. Most of the constructions in this sector are based on covering the greatest area for least cost. For many of the storage and animal husbandry projects are typically steel portal framed buildings with reinforced concrete frames more common in southern European countries. The levels of enclosure and insulation reflect the prevailing climatic conditions. The additional M&E services are at a low level in the basic constructions. However like most industries there are more automated systems and clever technologies being introduced and experience of such measures are becoming more international. Food production structures has seen the application of the latest technology with controlled environment provisions becoming more common. Automatic, computer controlled greenhouses being a good example. The leisure experience to include equestrian projects are increasing but there is little commonality throughout Europe for these constructions.

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For the office sector we have a wide range of examples of the different agricultural types ranging from live stock sheds to greenhouses. On the database you willl find different levels of quality and systems, including environmental factors. Includes the option to view the costs of the 18 other countries presented, typical for their different construction requirements.

The cost schedule shown is typical of the cost information we provide on the members site. Members benefit from regular cost updates, regular exchange rates updates and of course enables similar buildings in other European countries to be compared with your selected example. Using the basic costs provided it is possible to create an estimate for your project using our easy 4 step online calculation tool.

ECC aims to provide a comprehensive representation of all construction costs related to agricultural projects. The costs are tightly defined on a m² basis but other factors like change of height, insulation and enclosure are easily introduced. Horticulture increasingly has clever atmosphere, humidity and temperature control systems. Energy efficiency options are not common I this category. In addition to providing insight into the cost of new construction efforts, our specialists have also compiled data concerning refurbishment and rebuilding.

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