The construction costs associated with sport projects covers a huge range of structures. They range from small, often individual fitness centers to elaborate multi-functional spaces and swimming pools. The increasing emphasis on healthy living with the encouragement of sport/fitness and the perceived health benefits has been a driver of this sector throughout Europe. This is encouraged by the state who are often major investors in this sector and if not active participants in the investment are certainly encouraging the increasing provision. The standards are often requiring basic utilitarian construction but at the upper end of the market greater levels of luxury are more common. Europe has seen the increase in numbers of large international standard stadiums, often initially constructed for specific events, Olympics, Football World Cup. These are usually very expensive items and the common experience between the Alliance members offers a large repository of experience.

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From the basic, often utilitarian constructions commonly designed with operating cost in mind to fitness centers, usually small and individual, right through to leisure center complexes with multiple pools and extensive leisure activities.

The cost schedule shown is typical of the cost information we provide on the members site. Members benefit from regular cost updates, regular exchange rates updates and of course enables similar buildings in other European countries to be compared with your selected example. Using the basic costs provided it is possible to create an estimate for your project using our easy 4 step online calculation tool.

ECC aims to provide a comprehensive representation of all construction costs related to leisure projects. The larger complexes often are not able to operate without subsidies requiring a focus on operating costs so energy efficiency options and long term maintenance considerations can be factored into the initial build. In addition to providing insight into the cost of new construction efforts, our specialists have also compiled data concerning refurbishment and rebuilding.

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