A practical construction cost calculator

The ability to manage construction costs effectively is a vital ingredient of success. In order to keep your projects on track, you need to be able to make accurate cost predictions in advance. The closer these estimates are to reality, the better your chances of a successful result will be.

ECC exists to help you create the best current cost estimate for your construction projects. To this end, we have developed a unique construction cost calculator that covers almost all of Europe.

By combining an intuitive online tool with a detailed cost database that spans numerous European countries, we have created a construction cost calculator that can give you immediate in-depth insight into any cost-related question you may have.

4 easy steps to calculate your construction costs

1. Input location & currency

Getting started with our online construction cost calculator is easy. To localize your construction project, simply select your location and currency within the project tool.

2. Select building type

ECC provides up-to-date cost data and indices for a wide range of building types and industries. This allows you to select exactly which type of building you plan to build.

3. Define project parameters

Each construction project has a unique set of parameters, such as the level of quality or the total area. These can be defined easily in our construction cost calculator.

4. Calculate project cost

Once you have entered all the relevant information and defined the scope of your project, the online calculator will quickly estimate the construction costs for your project.

Choose your industry to personalize the construction cost calculator

The world of construction consists of many different industries, each with its own specific cost considerations. The cost structure of a residential construction project may differ greatly from that of a healthcare project or a hotel.

ECC understands that you require insights that are relevant to your specific industry. That's why we offer you the ability to tailor the construction cost calculator to your needs.

Our online tool offers a variety of industries to choose from, ranging from education and healthcare to offices and retail buildings. Doing so will increase the relevance of our cost data and maximize the usefulness of our construction cost calculator.

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