The construction costs of parking provisions, especially in urban environments are subject of much and increasing regulation. Some policies encourage /discourage parking as part of the desire to reduce the intrusion of vehicular traffic into the urban situation. Typically requirements mandate a certain provision per unit of office space. The parking models presented range from subterranean to part submerged to free standing and multi-floored structures right through to temporary arrangements and finally to open ground parking. The costs presented in ECC are arranged in such a way to enable the parking provision costs be added to the office or building costs estimate to create a total cost projection of the whole development. The level of automation, traffic control, access and fire and ventilation requirements can add a significant cost element to parking projects. The problems are common throughout Europe but there is little in way of standardized requirements. The models presented reflect the variations common in each country.

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Simple defined categories cover most parking requirements. This is a category where commonality throughout Europe is apparent.

The cost schedule shown is typical of the cost information we provide on the members site. Members benefit from regular cost updates, regular exchange rates updates and of course enables similar buildings in other European countries to be compared with your selected example. Using the basic costs provided it is possible to create an estimate for your project using our easy 4 step online calculation tool.

ECC aims to provide a comprehensive representation of all construction costs related to parking facilities. The costs are tightly defined on a ‘per place’ basis and there are few options to add in variations other than the services included. Automatic barriers, place indication, fire sprinklers. In addition to providing insight into the cost of new construction efforts, our specialists have also compiled data concerning refurbishment and rebuilding.

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