The models in this section range from musea and cinema complexes to community based constructions. A museum is usually a specialized construction ranging often from the conversion of an existing (historical) building to purpose designed structure. Cinemas follow trends so multi-screen complexes with as many 10 screens are not uncommon and throughout Europe large corporations operate in several countries providing a set format and house style. Such are the numbers of these projects internationally that there are good cost models available. Other structures are one off community facilities like community centers with unsophisticated designs to conference centers which may be part of other facilities like hotels.

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In this sector apart from cinema complexes there is little commonality between countries so the models presented give a good idea of the spread of typical constructions.

The cost schedule shown is typical of the cost information we provide on the members site. Members benefit from regular cost updates, regular exchange rates updates and of course enables similar buildings in other European countries to be compared with your selected example. Using the basic costs provided it is possible to create an estimate for your project using our easy 4 step online calculation tool.

ECC aims to provide a comprehensive representation of all construction costs related to leisure projects. In addition to providing insight into the cost of new construction efforts, our specialists have also compiled data concerning refurbishment and rebuilding. The addition costs of parking are presented in a separate section which may be added to the project cost. As a result, you will always be able to find relevant information, regardless of the scope of your specific project

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