The Netherlands

Index of construction costs – The Netherlands

If you are planning a construction project in the The Netherlands, local construction costs can have a significant impact on the outcome. Given that construction costs can vary wildly across Europe, it is important to have access to accurate, up-to-date information with which to inform your decisions.

This is why ECC has calculated a national index of construction costs for The Netherlands, allowing you to compare the local cost level with that of other nations that may be candidates for your project.

In order to give you as much relevant information as possible, construction cost indices have also been calculated for various regions within the The Netherlands, revealing the differences in costs between them.

An explanation of regional variances

Just as they vary between countries, construction costs also vary within the The Netherlands. These regional variances are mainly due to differences in transport, delivery and handling costs. Material costs fall in a relatively narrow range.

Selecting a different region will automatically recalculate the figures in your project based on these regional variances. For urban centers and city developments, we recommend introducing additional percentages, as these sites often involve greater costs.

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