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The world of construction is inherently dynamic. With each passing year, the cost landscape changes. Fluctuations in the cost of raw materials and labor influence construction costs throughout Europe, while new local regulations and taxes create potential hurdles and risks.

In order to help you make sense of these developments, ECC publishes a range of construction cost handbooks each year. These handbooks are created with input from our local specialists and provide in-depth evaluations of local construction costs in a growing number of European countries.

Would you like a more detailed insight into European construction costs? Ordering our handbook will give you a convenient overview of the latest developments, along with full access to our online cost calculator.

Construction costs per building type

Where construction costs are concerned, no two projects are ever truly alike. After all, each building type has a specific cost profile associated with it. If you want to be able to manage your construction costs effectively, you’ll have to create a clear picture of your project in advance.
ECC has compiled an extensive list of building types and identified the construction costs commonly associated with similar projects. This overview allows you to anticipate project costs more accurately, while simultaneously helping you prevent unnecessary errors and oversights.
If you are planning a construction project and need more information about a specific building type, our handbook and online calculator are the perfect tools to help quantify your construction costs.

Construction costs per country

While the European Union may share a common economy, construction costs can still vary greatly from one country to the next. In addition, these differences can be surprisingly difficult to anticipate.

Where you might expect neighboring countries like Germany and the Netherlands to have similar construction costs, the reality can be wildly different. At the same time, construction costs in Spain and Greece may follow trends that seem remarkably similar.

In essence, making sense of construction costs in Europe can be a challenge. Thanks to ECC, however, you’ll always be able to meet this challenge head-on. Our cost database makes it possible to compare construction costs between multiple countries, all from a single, user-friendly online environment.

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