About the Euro Alliance

Sourcing accurate, up-to-date construction costs in Europe can be a challenge. With 50 countries, 26 currencies and 35 languages, Europe boasts an incredible diversity that can be difficult to manage. In addition, the manner in which projects are handled can vary greatly from one country to the next.

  • 18 local partners;
  • Over 4.000 cost specialists worldwide;
  • 18 European countries in one database;
  • 25 offices across Europe.
# 1

online tool for calculating construction costs

  • Quality

    Insights and information for different countries

  • Speed

    Create accurate cost estimates in under 5 minutes

  • Versatility

    15 industries, 50 building types and over 3.000 cost figures

  • Accuracy

    Updated with the latest cost trends and developments

  • Up-to-date

    Latest buildingregulations included

  • Database

    The most complete cost database in Europe

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