• Tamas Fonda


  • András Ómajtényi

    Managing Director




Tomlin project management

TOMLIN Kft was established by Tamas Fonda in 2003 to provide complex and professional engineering and consulting services for owners, investors and developers. Our basic principles: CREATIVITY – RESULT ORIENTED – TRANSPARENCY. The 15 strong team consists of architects and engineers with consultancy, design and construction experiences. Many of our colleagues previously worked for developers and construction firms which allows us to provide in-depth project management, cost control and site supervision services in preliminary and project development/construction phases. Our project manager, quantity surveyor and technical supervisor engineers all possess several years of planning, investment organizational and construction management experience. We provide our services mainly in Hungarian and English languages and, should there be a request, in German too. TOMLIN performs complex building construction engineering tasks ranging from simple individual facilities to highly complex multi-site network projects. We provide all range of our services in Hungary and in foreign countries as well to local and international clients.

Projects we are proud of

Allee, City Centre | Budapest | Hungary
Airport terminal Balaton | Sarmellek | Hungary
Móraváros Shopping Centre | Szeged | Hungary

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